Letter from the President

A Letter from the President

Dear Present and Future Clients,

Forensics is not a biased pseudo-science based on conjecture, but rather an art based on fact. I have worked cases on the prosecution team whose sole mission was to prove guilty for a conviction. In 20 years of digital forensics, I’ve learned that there is no “grey” area in the eyes of the court; there is only truth and fact. Digital forensics is the last cathedral of truth.

There are many things that I would like to point out that separate our methodology from the competitors, but the truth is that there are many “white hats” out there that believe in the same philosophy, however, they have never had the same real-life application that my staff and I have endured. Simply put, you will never find another organization with as much talent, experience and resolve as cFAIR.

cFAIR Technologies specializes in digital forensics, incident response and threat intelligence not just because of our uncanny experience, but rather because of our beliefs. Political, racial, and socioeconomics aside, we stand for one thing and one thing alone: protecting people, countries, and lives.

We’ve facilitated infrastructure-breach investigations perpetrated by state sponsored actors and criminal adversaries. We’ve deploy cutting edge DFIR and threat-hunting technologies while recovering millions of dollars of stolen assets. cFAIR has investigated and determined the "root-cause" of numerous data-breaches and subsequently provided legal assistance to several Fortune 500 companies.

There is a reason why we have survived 20 years of economic unrest and fear; that reason is because we believe in one singular truth: “…for the greater good.”
cFAIR Technologies means everything to me. In fact, starting this company has been the single most difficult thing I have ever accomplished. This company is meant to represent everything I’ve learned in my career and in my life. I am excited to continue this journey and leave behind a lasting legacy for my children.

I envision cFAIR managing some of the largest and most crucial government projects needed to ensure our national security. We hope you’ll consider us in your coming endeavors and we look forward to working with you.