Cyber Security

Precision Technologies for Evolving Threats

cFAIR drives breakthrough solutions by combining years of cyber and electronic warfare experience with cutting-edge signals intelligence. With this fusion of expertise, we can:

Protect vulnerable platforms. Airplanes, cell phones, weapons systems, and UAVs stay braced against cyber attack.

Safeguard critical infrastructure. The nation’s facilities and networks stand more securely.

Ensure comprehensive cyber support. Our expertise ranges from traditional IT network security to nontraditional malware development, secure smartphone apps, and resilient platform engineering.

Meet advanced mission needs. Our rapid R&D, prototyping, and integration capabilities enable us to deliver unique solutions to combat shifting, emerging threats.

Litigation Support

cFAIR Technologies - Case Wins and Cost Recovery

Since 2004, cFAIR has assisted the U.S. government in investigating and litigating many thousands of cases, saving billions of dollars for taxpayers. We provide:

Investigation and litigation support from start to finish. We leverage technology to help customers manage documents and acquire and present evidence from pre-filing investigation through complaint, discovery, and trial; then post-trial and appeals.

An accredited computer and audio/video forensics lab. The cFAIR Digital Forensics Laboratory (CDFL) analyzes digital evidence to support criminal and civil investigations, litigations, and security inquiries.

Scalable, secure cloud hosting. cFAIR's scalable cloud hosting solutions are stable, secure, and fast, with access to industry-leading e-Discovery tools.

Business Services

Transforming How Government Does Business

Our combination of deep customer understanding, proven technological expertise, and practical experience implementing large enterprise solutions shows that cFAIR can be relied upon to exceed expectations.

We enable technological evolution. When over 100 federal military, intelligence, and civilian organizations needed a trusted partner to implement crucial enterprise business solutions, they chose cFAIR.

We keep commerce flowing. cFAIR has developed and implemented systems that process approximately $200 billion in federal procurements every year.

We increase business productivity. cFAIR's solutions in financial management, human capital management, asset and materials management, and administrative management help customers exponentially improve their efficiency.

Corporate Services

Intelligence Services

Decisive Expertise for Creating Actionable Intelligence

cFAIR's intelligence specialists help our customers convert data collected from all information sources into knowledge that enables event forecasting and empowers decisions. Our expert personnel:

Turn Information Into Intelligence. By leveraging all sources of information, our analysts enhance situational awareness and help combat threats at home and abroad.

Exploit Information. Our analytical toolsets and products inform mission planning, anticipate activities, forecast societal events, establish ground truth, and empower decision-makers.

Support Global Security. Our experts deliver cyber analytics, counterintelligence, and other services to help disrupt terrorist activities and counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Command and Control

Delivering Information Superiority on the Battlefield

cFAIR develops, integrates, sustains, and operates command and control (C2) solutions, consisting of hardware, software, and interfaces that provide robust, seamless C2 capabilitiesWe:

Enable Network-Centric Operations. We provide services and solutions that deliver an information advantage to our customers.

Use "Power to the Edge" Principles. We deliver capabilities to achieve shared awareness and leverage shared awareness to realize greater degrees of synchronization.

Understand Asymmetric Defense Environments. Our approach to delivering Quick Reaction Capabilities and integrating those capabilities into legacy systems has proven essential to shortening the "threat to fire" timeline.